1. How can I get more information about the Union?

Contacts can respect your questions via the "Contact Us" option on the main page embedded ask.

2. Union of the year began and how it evolved out?

Muslim World League university professors and their activities as a governmental organization (NGO) from 2012 has begun. The main building of the Union Solidarity and cooperation to achieve the objectives of the Union.

3. What is the purpose of forming a union?

The main objectives of the international union of Muslim scholars are:

1. Identify capacity, organize, strengthen and support the academic and research activities of Muslim scholars in universities around the world.

2. Create the appropriate contexts for scientific interactions Muslim scholars to develop and expand the education system in order to create the conditions for a new Islamic civilization

3. Make the required design and creation of institutions such as the Organization of the Islamic world and Islamic interstate commerce interstate criminal Islamic University

4. seats theorizing among Muslim scholars.

5. Open the participation of non-governmental and scientific research in order to create a new Islamic civilization.

6. coordination and interaction between universities, colleges and research institutions with Islamic countries

7. Provision of material and spiritual growth Muslims

8. Pale of prejudice and fanaticism, violence and Islamic faiths emphasize the modernity, the true total vision, rationality, religion approximation, convergence and Islamic solidarity

4. Is the EU policy and follow a particular religion?

5. What is the process of recruiting and membership masters?

One of the most important principles of attracting attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of their masters. In order to attract professors such as expertise, qualifications and academic records, assess the effectiveness of teachers in the country and some of this is taken into consideration.

The methods and resources that they can be used to attract teachers mentioned the following:

1. Professional and Technical Information

2. Union Offices Abroad

3. Universities and Research Centers

4. Astadyaby the advice of local professors associated with foreign teachers

5. Identify influential teacher and counselor of the Embassy of the country through science and culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran

6. Through the scientific NGO activists around the world

Besides being responsible for records and attracting teachers union is with the Department of Human Resources Development.

6. What should teachers to join in the process?

Professors can refer to the membership site.

7. Who is the president of the Central Council of the Union?

Central Council of the International Union of Muslim scholars of Islam 80 Muslim elite of the Islamic religion.

8. Which countries are held at the head office and branches of the Union?

Union headquarters in Tehran. Soon the branches of the Union in the Middle East and North Africa was opened.

9. If you wish to conduct scientific research, whether union members supported?

Union aims to create a platform of Islamic civilization Nyyn and restore the authority of the Islamic lands. Certainly the leaders of civilization, are masters of the Muslim elite.