Demise of the Beast of the Middle East

Many in America were against this new political agenda. They claimed that to permit the Zionist to influence foreign policy was a mistake and that it would endanger the U.S. national security.

Demise of the Beast of the Middle East

Demise of the Beast of the Middle East
Dr. Hossein Omidi, PhD.
Political, International and Cultural Expert
December 20, 2021

Unlike Islam, Judaism has never been a universal religion and can never claim to be. The current population of the Jews in the world confirms this fact. There are an estimated 15.2 million Jews worldwide as of 2021. Jews comprise only 0.19% of the 7.89 billion worldwide population. Whereas there are more than two billion Muslims worldwide, making Islam the second-largest religion in the world. In fact, many researchers project that Muslims will outnumber Christians by the year 2050. Interestingly, the top ten countries with the largest Muslim populations as of 2021 are: Indonesia (231,000,000), Pakistan (212,300,000), India (200,000,000), Bangladesh (153,700,000), Nigeria (95,000,000–103,000,000), Egypt (85,000,000–90,000,000), Iran (82,500,000), Turkey (74,432,725), Algeria (41,240,913), Sudan (39,585,777). Yet smaller countries seem to have higher concentrations of Muslim populations. These include the Maldives (100%), Mauritania (99.9%), Somalia (99.8% - tie), Tunisia (99.8% - tie), Afghanistan (99.7% - tie), Algeria (99.7% - tie), Iran (99.4%), Yemen (99.2%), Morocco (99%), Niger (98.3%). The Western Sahara, which has not been recognized by the United Nations as a country was not included in these numbers. What is it that unites so many people in the world in Islam? The short answer is that Islam is an Abrahamic religion which worships the same God as all true Christians, and true Jews.
So how is it that there exists a land called Israel amid the land of Palestine? It is not by accident. The Zionist scheme started about 50 years before the establishment of the fake Israeli state. The political Zionist movement started in Europe. Its intention was to create a Jewish state in the land of Palestine by eliminating the vast Muslim and Christian population who made up more than 95 percent of the population. When the United Nations took up this matter, Palestine as a territory was under British administration. Britain has control of Palestine as designated by the League of Nations following the First World War. In 1947, Britain ended its control of Palestine and turned its destiny to the United Nations. The Zionists developed a colonial project to buy the lands from its original owner, which failed as the indigenous Palestinians rejected it. Under the terrorist Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, the Zionists created terrorist groups to fight against the Palestinians and the British. In 1947 the CIA admitted that the objectives of the Zionist leadership would endanger Jews as well as the interests of the Western powers in the region. U.S. President Harry Truman ignored the warning and used this opportunity to garner the support of Jews in America to win the election by taking sides with the Zionists. Many in America were against this new political agenda. They claimed that to permit the Zionist to influence foreign policy was a mistake and that it would endanger the U.S. national security.
So started the beginning of the Israeli lobby in the U.S. government which has dominated America’s foreign policy to this day. The Zionist Jews became the aggressors against the Arabs in Palestine while claiming that they were only defending of their newly formed state. Israel was never a determination of the Security Council or the United Nations as many believe. The Zionists simply pushed and killed the indigenous inhabitants of the land according to their will and the backing of the United States. Under Zionist pressure, the 1947 partition resolution, 181, was passed on November 29, 1947. The resolution held no legal force yet by then the terrorist Zionists had forced more than 414,000 Palestinians and Christians out of Palestine. As the Palestinians resisted, the U.N attempted to end the violence and sent a Swedish mediator to negotiate a ceasefire. This man has saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis, yet the Israeli assassins murdered him too. They perpetrated at least 33 massacres of Palestinians, destroyed hundreds of villages to erase the Palestinian culture and heritage. They confiscated at least 78percent of Palestine then. Clearly, it was not by any true ownership of Palestine that they inhabited the land. Their ‘right to exist’ was determined only by a force of power illegally and immorally imposed on the true inhabitants of Palestine as the world remained silent.
The Nakba (catastrophe) started then and continues until today. Israel is not a true democracy. It has all the elements of an apartheid regime constructed by colonization and oppression to survive. Israel has survived for 73 years but its demise is near, as the world awakens to its illegitimacy and its overwhelming cruelty and murder of innocents in Palestine and the Middle East. Seen as the only so called [FAKE] ‘democracy’ in the Middle East is quickly unraveling before the international community. It can only survive if it remains a Jewish-dominated regime. A democracy cannot be such if Israel remains a Jewish-only regime and practices an apartheid system of laws for its Jewish population and another for Arabs, Muslims, and Christians in the occupied territories. Democracy demands equality under the laws of a land which does not exist in the Zionist regime. The once thriving and flourishing Palestinian coast has been reduced to only two Arab villages. Displacement continues in Occupied Palestine through land theft and the construction of illegal Zionist settlements. All Israeli settlements are in violation of international laws. The post-1967 occupation enforces the apartheid formulas that forces the illegal application of Israeli laws in the Palestinian territories. There is flaw at the very heart of all that the Zionist entity does. It is a process of separation to maintain a Jewish majority in the region. Racism is the only motivation for the separation of the occupation. The Zionist vision is one of racism that does not include any just solutions. If continued this will end in a tragic termination for all Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation. The separation in Occupied Palestine is greater than the separation of South Africa apartheid. Israeli Zionists go beyond by literally building obstacles and walls to separate the native inhabitants from its Jewish population. Walls and barriers are the Zionist scheme to control people and continue its barbaric crimes against the inhabitants.
Israel’s destiny is rooted in its inception. There is a widely accepted belief that United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 “created” Israel, based upon an understanding that this resolution partitioned Palestine. It did not confer legal authority or legitimacy to the declaration of the existence of the state of Israel. The partition plan went against the inhabitants of Palestine and illegally granted more than half of Palestine to the Zionists for the creation of its Jewish state. This was in clear opposition to the proposed Arab plan of forming an independent state of Palestine where the rights of the Jewish minority would be recognized. However, the Zionist proposal was to create a Jewish state in Palestine without granting the same recognition or respect. Arabs were forced to surrender their lands and surrender all rights including the right to self-determination. To this day, the Palestinian resistance continues, and the world of humanity now recognizes the atrocities that the Zionist entity has forced upon Palestine. The ‘myth’ that the U.N. created Israel is a fraud as is the Israeli regime. Britain contributed to the fraud by making false promises to both Jews and Arabs. Known as the Balfour Declaration, delivered by the Zionist movement Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild on November 2, 1917.
The United Nations has condemned Israel in over 225 Resolutions. Israel is in violation of all the resolutions taken against its regime. In 2020 alone, the United Nations condemned Israel in 17 Resolutions compared to 6 for all other nations in the world. So why is it not taking more drastic action against Israeli violations, crimes against humanity and war crimes! It is because the United States has a history of blocking all U.N. resolutions against the Zionist entity. Since 1972, it has vetoed at least 53 United Nations Security Council resolutions against Israel. This action by the U.S.  prevents any real action against Israel by the International community. The world now recognizes that the U.S. support for the Zionists has emboldened Israeli crimes against Palestinians, including other countries in the region. International law clearly states that East [Alquds] Jerusalem should not be considered Israeli territory, yet the escalation of attacks of the native population continues uninhibited. Former U.S. President Trump even dared recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state against the international community and international law. Again, the UN drafted a resolution declaring that move as null and void. The U.S. U.N. representative again vetoed the U.N.’s actions against Israel to prevent legal actions against it. As a matter of fact, "The Holy City of Jerusalem will remain the capital of Palestine and the first qibla of Muslims for Muslims".
U.S. vetoes of resolutions condemning Israeli settlements go back to 1983. A most recent resolution clearly states that “all Israeli settlements are illegal under International law and create a major obstacle to peace based on a two-state solution. Again, the U.S. ambassador opposed the action. In his last months in office, former President Obama created a diplomatic controversy by insisting that the U.S. abstain from vetoing further UNSC resolutions against Israel illegal settlement expansion in the Occupied territories of Palestine. Even now, President Biden, faces increased pressure from progressive Democrats to support Palestinian rights. As a Zionist himself, Biden defends his Israeli masters claiming that Israel has a “right to defend itself.” Israel cannot claim that right as it is militarily occupying Palestine and under international law, this gives Palestinians the sovereign right to self-defense and right to resistance and the right to return to their land and homes.

In a quote attributed to John F. Kennedy, he warned that someday after he was “long gone, we would remember him” and realize “we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve and kicked all secret societies, occultists, usurpers and Zionists out of America”
The international community is now speaking out against the Zionist regime. Many are the people in many countries that stand against the Zionist beast and its crimes in Palestine. The younger generations are aware of its crimes and illegitimacy in Palestine. The moral outcry is getting louder against the criminal Zionist entity and its pseudo-Jewish facade. The world has learned to distinguish between true Judaism and Zionism. True Jews in America and the world recognize that Israel is not a true Jewish homeland. They do not claim Zionism and the Zionist state as their homeland. Many protest openly against the Israeli regime claiming it misrepresents real Judaism. Israel uses the religion as a cover for its political advantage. In claiming its Jewishness, it hides its racist political ideology of Zionism in plain daylight. It had managed to fool the Evangelical Christians in America and the world into accepting it as God’s Jewish Israel as a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. It is not more Jewish than the Evangelicals are true Christians. In America, this religious organizations is the base of support for Israel and its lobby, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC holds a powerful position in the formation of U.S. foreign policy and all Presidents pledge allegiance to Israel as part of the alliance. It influences who gets elected to office and how the U.S. forms policies in the best interest of Israel, not in the best interests of the U.S. It has become an acceptable standard for all political figures in Washington. Except for a few progressives, Washington is the ‘other’ Occupied Territory’ of Israel. The United States is now known as the great ‘United States of Israel’ not the ‘United States of America.’ Clearly the 240 U.S. experiment has failed miserably thanks to its Zionist masters.
Along with its Zionist master, America is now seen as a spineless coward trying to hold on to its position as a world power. Neither the U.S. nor its Zionist master can ignore the wisdom of the many sovereign nations with thousands of years of existence and nobility. Unlike the other nations, the Zionist entity and the U.S. are the new ‘kids on the block.’ They reflect the ignorance and stupidity of those unfamiliar with the deeper foundations of humanity and its many civilizations. They are both destined to the same demise for their lack of cultural richness, dignity, morality, and humanity. Neither has a permanent place in the future of the world of mankind. They both lack the deep-rooted knowledge of a Universal Creator. There is no God behind either of these entities. They have been granted a short and limited existence to show the world what happens to Godless societies. It is only a matter of time before the world sees the demise of the ugly, abominable Zionist beast and its puppet, the United States of Israel. This is perhaps the most important prophetic truth that must come to reality. True Christianity, true Judaism and Islam know that Allah will not be mocked. World powers have risen and fallen; and these two are no exception. What is not acceptable must be eliminated. It is by their own devise that they will fall. They dare hide behind the façade of Christianity and Judaism. It is in vain that they do so! Humanity is easily fooled but not Allah. Who dares act so unjustly in His name? That one will face certain calamity! Let’s consider some of their sins against God and humanity.
This great scholastic and ideological weakness built the ground for the intellectual marriage and union of some rabbis, thinkers, and rich people with some deviant church influentials. In their confusion and lust for power, all gave birth to the seven sins of lust, gluttony, greed, laziness, anger, jealousy, and arrogance! All were involved in sins such as greed, worldliness, murder of a believer, usury, betrayal, perjury, breach of covenant, etc., and provided the means to devise a plan to confront the God-fearing devotees. In the storerooms of the gothic darkrooms hidden in the think tanks of this evil people, the idea of creating non-divine sects and ‘isms’ was nurtured.
In all cultural, social, economic, political, educational, governmental fields, there are no theories or filthy, ungodly, and immoral thoughts that have emerged, unless it originated in Zionism. All have been fully supported by the wealthy ideologues of this mafia gang. Communism, Marxism, Capitalism, Socialism, Feminism, Fascism, Radicalism, Secularism, Liberalism, Humanism, and filthier than all, international Zionism are just a few examples of these evil atheistic schools of thought.
The Zionist occupier regime of Al-Quds, since its establishment, has been the cause of the troubles of the world and even of itself. The existentialist view of this ugly phenomenon and the accursed pedigree confirms this claim. The world has not seen anything from this cancerous tumor except sedition and incitement, violence, crime, breach of covenant and corruption, and so on. Wherever there is war and bloodshed, plunder, rape, corruption, immorality, sexual slavery and human trafficking, there is always a trace of the evil demon of Zionism. From a religious, moral, human, and ideological point of view, even among the followers of Prophet Moses (pbuh), opposition to Zionism has been consistently recorded. Simply put, this ideology is considered immoral or impractical in the minds of rival nationalists and even the religious groups of the Jewish people.

“God willing, all of you will see the decline of the enemies of humanity,
 That is, this degenerate American civilization and the decline of Israel,
By the grace of God”.
As said by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, in many occasions, “if the truth is not clarified today, the place of the oppressor and the oppressed will be changed”. Indeed, “the US support for the Zionist terrorist regime in the occupied country of Palestine is the biggest support for terrorism”. “The only solution to the Palestinian question is for the real Palestinian people, whether those who remain inside Palestine or those outside Palestine, to establish their own system of government”. Regarding the “annihilation of Israel” he added that,  it “means that the Palestinian people, the real owners of the land - whether Muslim, Christian, or Jewish – choose the original owners of their own state; Get rid of the aliens and thugs like Netanyahu and the like who are really thugs”. The Islamic Republic of Iran stands against Zionism and its ideology of racism and discrimination. Regardless of its disguise as religion, socialism, or revisionists, it remains one of the civilizational, ideological, and national strategies of the Islamic republic of Iran, from its inception until today. Confronting and fighting the usurping demon is a goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The existence of the illegitimate occupier of Zionism is absolute evil and its absence is absolute good.
As a result, most ethnic, civilizational, nationalist, and Islamic intellectuals all have the same view on this issue. This forms the foundation of the rebirth of the glorious Islamic Iranian civilization. All influential governmental and Islamic leaders adopt the same theoretical and strategical practices in this regard. It is a prerequisite to world peace and regional stability as Iran is one of the few countries with the divine gift and blessings of comprising a civilization, a government, and a nation built on the premises of divine gift and guidance. Iran, led by the Imams of the Revolution, has overcome the 43-years of exhausting confrontation with the Global Arrogant Front. This has presented a great threat to the Iranian people, but, by the grace and protection of God, these same threats have converted into grand opportunity for growth and development of Iran as a great nation of brave and wise people. All the efforts to pressure and isolate the country have resulted in blessings which extend its civilization from the borders of China to Egypt and from the southern Caucasus to Yemen in all prosperity. In defiance of the hypocritical drums of sectarianism and religious divisiveness, Iran has learned to tune its musical instrument of nationalism, skillfully resounding the soulful melody of “Iran as a Land of Prosperity” beautifully to the heights of stable Damavand and beyond. All the attempts by groups to target the Islamic republic has resulted in failure. Like Imam Hossein, the people of the Governate of Islamic Iran have defended the sanctuary of the Vilayet and the sanctuary of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Every satanic offensive has been met with a fierce defense. The great nation of Iran has mastered the rules of the game better each day and even better than the enemy.
The Holy Qur'an has promised that “Allah will indeed defend those who have faith. Indeed, Allah does not like any ingrate traitor.” We are a God-seeking Mahdist nation of pragmatism. We are the nation of Imam Hussein. The scientific, security, military, cultural, and other advances of the Iranian nation are the crystallization of the theoretical and practical faith of the hardworking, civilized, faithful and religious people of the mother land, Iran the Great.
Desperate Zionist movements in North Africa, from the Western Sahara, Morocco, to Ethiopia; Sudan, and Somalia, West Asia from Lebanon to Yemen, from Turkey to the Caspian Sea, in the southern part of the Persian Gulf, will be fruitless. Their isolation as the illegitimate children of Zionist Israel and their expansionist policy have been observed by the world and will not succeed. Without their knowledge and according to God’s word, they are under the control of the courageous soldiers of Islam. Their efforts will undoubtedly fail. It is just a matter of time, God’s time.
God has declared, ‘The death that you flee will indeed encounter you. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the sensible and the Unseen, and He will inform you about what you used to do.’ It will be too late for them. The harm has been done and they must face the retribution of Allah. The occupying regime of Quds knows very well that the brave Iranians are the grand masters of the implementation of Allah’s will. Their policy of expansion will fail whereas, the expansion of Iran will continue in resistance to the contractionary pressures of the enemies. The United States is so embroiled in internal and external problems that it cannot fight for Israel even if it wants to. The United States will not fight on behalf of the germ of corruption. They are helpless and alone in the house they have usurped. The demise of the evil beast arrives! “Say, ‘Die of your rage!’ Indeed, Allah knows well what is in their breasts.” “Indeed, they see it to be far off, and we see it to be near.” With the permission of ALLAH, the conquest of all conquests is near, God willing. This will happen, as the evidence shows!
Over 40 years, Israel has consistently misunderstood Iran, its interests, and its leaders. Now former senior IDF intelligence officer, Maj. Danny Citrinowicz, has come forward to warn Israel, the beast, that it has been misguided. He uncovers its dangerous and ineffectual strategies. His critique is harsh and convincing. Citrinowicz characterized Jerusalem’s policy on Iran as a “failure,” and lamented his government’s decision to ignore the shift taking place in the Islamic Republic that he identified in 2013. By encouraging the Trump administration to withdraw from the deal and to impose “maximum pressure” sanctions against Tehran, Israel helped dramatically weaken its position and the impact of that shift will have immeasurable negative consequences for the Zionists. According to Citrinowicz, Israel and Iran are on a “collision course,” with Tehran more emboldened and aggressive than ever. Unlike Rouhani, Iran’s newly elected president Ebrahim Raisi does not prioritize a return to the nuclear deal and believes Tehran can withstand US sanctions thanks to growing alliances with Russia and China. He said, the Islamic Republic “will only change its strategy if it feels like” Iran “is in real jeopardy,” Citrinowicz said. “And they believe that the only country capable of really threatening them is the US, not Israel.  The only thing threats from Israel will do is push us toward some sort of confrontation. He was dismissive of previous attacks attributed to Israel on Iran’s nuclear program, arguing that they only delayed Tehran’s efforts and “at worst led” Iran “to double down in its effort”, craftily evading inspections in the process. He also warned that a significant strike from either Israel or the US would lead to a regional war, which would include retaliation on Israel’s northern border from Hezbollah. Citrinowicz also derided the “maximum pressure” sanctions regime imposed by the US and its allies.
It was a catastrophe to think that they could force The Islamic Republic of Iran to choose between its ‘survival’ and its ‘nuclear program.’ Backing down from its nuclear ambitions means Iran would lose its strength and independence as a nation with sovereign rights to scientific progress and development. The Iranians know how to deal with the ‘maximum pressure’ tactics of the West and could overcome the sanctions. Trump’s sanctions were futile as they made no difference. Instead, Iran made significant progress due to the lack of forethought. Trump’s sanctions proved hopeless and revealed Iran’s strength and capabilities beyond all doubt. The U.S. and its allies also did not have Russian or Chinese support. Israel is in no position to influence matters as it is unrealistic in its expectations, and it is alone in its illogical lunacy. Israel does not have the capability to influence the negotiations. It is still thinking in terms of zero enrichment which is not realistic. Its position is irrelevant. It stands alone in its political stance towards Iran. No one is interested in its rhetoric about Iran’s nuclear developments anymore. Israel is in the worse position it has ever been against Iran. All its threats to attack Iran are empty words. Even if it did attack Iran, it would prove devastating from all fronts. Even so, it would not stop Iran from continuing to develop its nuclear program. Israel does not even have the support of the international community which it needs to be convincing. As when Mossad targeted Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz, it simply opened the way for Iran to challenge and limit inspections at its facility.
Israel is also delusional when it claims that can attack Iran without outside support and defend itself without outside (US) assistance. The U.S. will not fight a war with Iran as the American people are tired of the country’s endless war policies. America just ended the war in Afghanistan after twenty years without gaining anything except a bad reputation. It is not practical for tiny Israel to proceed with a war against Iran alone. If so, it will truly mark the beginning of its demise. Its fight will be futile, and its annihilation will be swift. Israel has deceived itself into thinking it is a great power without the U.S., but it is not. The only reason it still exists is because it has maneuvered its way into America’s geopolitical interests. Even so, it represents a greater threat to the U.S. than its regional position in the Middle East.
Israel also displays a great ignorance of Iranian leaders. They do not know the full totality of Iran’s power and achievements. They know that Iran does not dwell on destroying Israel but their fear of it has resulted in illogical assumptions. Israel does fear Iran because Iran is not dominated by any of the Western arrogant nations and stands strong against all odds. Yet Israel lives in a self-made prison of fear and ignorant compulsion to have its way at all costs. They are also dealing with Iran’s new president, who is not a so called moderate. To Israel all of Iran’s moderate presidents were labeled as weak. But Dr. Raisi is a strong leader who will not tolerate Israel’s nuances or delusions of grandeur. Israel truly finds itself in a catastrophic situation which could lead to war, alone! Iran’s position is obscure to the Israelis. They fear their lack of real knowledge about Iran and its current potential. Citrinowicz emphasizes Israel’s failure in relying on maximum pressure and sanctions to dominate Iran. He highlights Israel’s failure to accomplish its goals in Gaza even after 14 years of a cruel siege and countless attacks on the strip. The blockade was used to prevent Hamas from attacking Israel, yet it only resulted in greater resistance and armament generating a greater revolution against the Zionist regime. Gaza still resists and Hamas still defends Palestinians. If Israel cannot dominate Gaza, it is impossible to dominate Iran with punitive sanctions and pressure. Israel’s siege against Gaza has not produced gains for the Zionists. The only option left for Israel is to negotiate with Hamas as a powerful force against the occupation. Clearly Israel’s tactics have failed in the small Gaza strip, and it is an indication that Iran will be a much greater enemy if attacked in any way. Besides, continuing the current economic strangulation of Iran will likely lead to a more rapid nuclearization. On the other hand, if Israel accepted the JCPOA, it would stave off for years, if not longer, an Iranian nuclear weapon. It could conceivably in the future also negotiate for restraint in Iran’s pursuit of its interests outside its own borders (Yemen, Syria, the Persian Gulf, etc.). But the Zionist beast is irrational due to its irrational illusions of grandeur.
Since 1984, Israel has been claiming that Iran was on the brim of developing its nuclear capability. It has been proven wrong every time. This is the result of faulty analysis driven by hostility and misunderstanding. Israeli leaders choose to believe that Iran is lying when it claims it will not build a bomb. It wishes to believe that Iran is determined to develop a bomb and needs to be stopped by force. The lack of spiritual cognition blinds the Zionist beast against its best interests. On the other hand, Iran believes its enemies will never negotiate in good faith or fully implement any agreement they sign, so it is free to continue research and development in its nuclear ambitions and achieve international status. Israel’s constant lies and overblown headlines proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. In this case, 40 years of wishful thinking has transformed Iran into the enemy Israel made it out to be even if that is not the truth. That is the real tragedy for Israel. Its worst fears have materialized due to its lies and manipulations. It was Netanyahu who led Trump to abandon the JCPOA agreement which resulted in Iran’s nuclear enrichment advancements. It freed Iran to speed up its program without restraints or compromises. With the nuclear talks at a standstill due to the U.S. lack of diplomacy, both the U.S. and Israel are out of options. If the U.S. chooses the course of wisdom and honesty, it must comply with Iran’s demands are face ridicule for leaving a deal Iran fully complied with. In this case, it must ignore what its Zionist masters in Israel demand and act on its own in full honesty and integrity. The chances of this are slim as Biden dances to the tune of the Zionist entity and will bow to the beast at any cost. For the U.S to resort to Plan B, the ‘military option,’ would prove disastrous, especially for Israel and for the region. That would be catastrophic.
Iran is not to blame. It signed the deal and honestly complied with all the terms of the agreement. The idea and rhetoric that Iran is “aggressive” or “hegemonic” is only Zionist, anti-Iran propaganda. It is certainly less hegemonic and aggressive than Israel, which has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs over the past 70 years and committed acts of terror in multiple foreign states. Israel also has 200 nuclear warheads which are illegal under international law. It has never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has, and it has tried to keep its nuclear armament secret. If Iran had aspired for nuclear weapons, it would have achieved its goal by now. The Israeli propaganda is all lies. If Iran seeks a nuclear weapon, it has a right to do so. According to the Supreme leader Imam Khamenei “Iran could have taken the step to develop nuclear weapons but will not because their use is "haram", or forbidden in Islam. “Although we could have taken steps on this path, based on Islamic ruling we firmly and bravely said we won't take this path." "Both building and stockpiling it is wrong, as using it is haram." "If we had a nuclear weapon, it would have been obvious that it would have been impossible for us to use anywhere." For, "under Islamic principles it is definitely haram." Israel has had proxy armies in as many countries as Iran and supplied them all with advance weaponry. Not to mention that Israel has engaged in massive assassination campaigns in even more countries, which Iran has never done.
According to U.S. intelligence, Iran will present a continuing threat to US and allied interests in the region as it tries to erode US influence, and support Muslim populations abroad. It fears Iran’s influence and power over its neighboring states. Iran’s deteriorating economy under U.S. sanctions has not limited it from pursuing its goals. Tehran will continue expanding its nuclear program, military sales and acquisitions, and proxy and partner attacks—to advance its goals. The U.S. fears that Iran will escalate tensions and threaten US and allied interests. Yet it is the U.S. and its allies that are focused on limiting Iran’s essential geopolitical influence and pushing for regime change, which will not happen. Iran’s leaders will be reluctant to pursue diplomatic talks with the U.S. unless it lifts all sanctions and rectifies its wrongs against the Islamic Republic. Iran will always counter U.S. pressure and will defend its sovereign rights. The U.S. fears Iran’s influence and its Shia militia allies in the region. In the end, Israel’s wishful thinking has transformed Iran into the enemy made it out to be. Netanyahu pivoted to Iran years ago to deflect from the internal situation and its crimes in Palestine. Israel’s “mad-dog” approach using military might was counterproductive. The Israelis don’t get it. They will still go for it. Biden will have a real problem if Israel attempts to involve the U.S. in a war with Iran. Public opinion has changed in the U.S. People want no more war, and it seems they do not sympathize with an Israel that controls U.S. foreign policy. Israel has kept this brutal occupation going so long entrenching itself on what was to be a Palestinian state, calling them terrorists as Netanyahu had similarly been calling the Iranians terrorists. That worked for a long time, but the world is tired of the same Israeli propaganda and senseless rhetoric. Israel has succeeded in losing credibility which it truly never had. Israel and the U.S. are playing with fire when it comes to Iran. Beyond the pandemic, the United States has waged unending war for more than three decades, with the death toll numbering in the millions. Waging each war under the blood-soaked banner of “human rights,” American imperialism leaves everything that it touches in ruins. Its sole concern is to maintain and extend the economic hegemony of American capital.
The American war in Iraq killed over one million Iraqis. After two decades of US occupation of Afghanistan, its people are starving in the debris of war, as over 20 million people face life-threatening food insecurity. The people of Yemen are starving, bombed with armaments supplied by Washington to Saudi Arabia. Civil war rages in Syria and Libya in the ashes created by the US war machine. Millions have been displaced, fleeing their homes and communities. Civilizations of the Middle East and Central Asia have been stripped bare, historical landmarks laid waste, entire cultures and language groups scattered to the wind. Surveying the debris of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, one could throw Washington’s accusation of cultural genocide back in its teeth. Those displaced by the wars of American imperialism confront hostile borders, possible enslavement, and desperate conditions. Thousands drown in the Mediterranean, and the corpses of migrant children wash up on its shores. Those huddled masses who attempt to cross the US border and enter the land of “human rights” and “democracy” will likely wind up in cages. Thirty thousand immigrants are currently imprisoned in the United States for the “crime” of seeking to enter the country, twice as many as when Trump left office. The CIA, known around the world as Murder, Inc., has funded dirty wars, toppled democracies, and installed brutal dictators from the Shah to Pinochet. While it denounced Beijing, the White House embraced Rodrigo Duterte, the fascistic thug who heads the Philippines, inviting him to a Summit for Democracy later this week. Surplus military equipment, when it becomes obsolete for crushing human rights abroad, are provided to US police departments to suppress democracy at home. Armored military vehicles have been deployed in cities across the United States in response to mass protests against police killings. In the “City Upon a Hill” of democracy and human rights, the police have killed over 30,000 people since 1980. Now the vast apparatus of hypocrisy and chant that is the American media is directed at China. Invoking “democracy” in Taiwan and Hong Kong, “human rights” in Xinjiang, and “freedom” in the South China Sea, the US has destabilized international relations and brought the world perilously close to global war. President Biden is replaying the "yellow peril": China would steal American patents, foster corruption, and destroy the environment before imposing its totalitarian regime by force. Fortunately, the United States and NATO would protect democracies and peace. But then how to explain the alliance between Beijing and Moscow, which should feel the same fear? It would simply be the "alliance of dictatorships".
It is clear to the people of the world that all actions of the U.S. inspired and promoted by the Zionist entity have only resulted in grave crimes against humanity. The bloodshed was motivated by the creation of a “Greater Israel” that would serve as a regional base for American Imperialism in the region. The American people and the world of humanity have risen to resist the endless wars of the U.S. and its western allies. It appears that the last war will not be with Iran but with the nuclear powers of the world. Humanity has grown tired of the arrogance and the senseless loss of life that has resulted. The two newest nations in the world have created a tsunami of turmoil in every part of the world. The great United States in its 245th year of existence has proven to be the most gullible. It has been dominated by the other newest country known as the Zionist Israeli regime of only 74 years in existence. Together they total a mere 319 years of existence without any intrinsic value. Together they lack the cultural and moral richness that the other nations of the world possess. They assume to hold the position of world powers that resemble a flickering fire ready to expire. Both have forgotten that the Earth belongs to God and that all humanity belong to Him. Those who fail to consider history are destined to repeat it. World powers come and world powers go. Greater nations have fallen due to their lack of moral compass and lack of divine intelligence. The final glory will go to God’s followers who have not allowed the divine light to flicker and die within. The Arrogant usurpers will meet their own demise by their own hand and faulty reasoning. The prophetic writing is on the wall and their demise is fast approaching. Not by man’s will but by God’s. So, the Beast of the Middle East will incinerate and be left in ashes along with its arrogant allies that have ignored God’s will for mankind. All power and praise be to Allah and His true followers. May God save and prosper the great Islamic Republic of Iran and its brave and wise leaders and people.

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